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Programs in Flagstaff


Boddicker Performance offers a comprehensive movement assessment designed to identify specific limitations to efficient movement including joint restriction, muscular restriction, postural dysfunction, or poor motor control.  Boddicker Performance proudly uses a 5 part assessment process including a detailed history, a postural assessment, isolated segmental testing, functional movement screening or selective functional movement assessment, and specific performance tests to identify an athlete’s limitations and strong-points so that we can most effectively develop a program to help you achieve your goals.

Emerging Elite Sport Performance

The process of achievement is costly and there are no shortcuts or sure things. The athletes of today are more competitive than ever before and the competition for scholarships and professional athletic careers has intensified. Today’s athletes are not simply born, they are made. A new paradigm is being established in which athletes live in a day and time, where, unlike ever before, the athletes who are properly developed are the ones who create their destiny on and off the field.

Boddicker Performance’s Emerging Elite Sport Performance Program is designed for youth and developing athletes including, middle, high school, and collegiate athletes with specific emphasis placed upon the Long Term Athletic Development Model to help athletes carve out their own destinies.  Training is conducted in small groups with no more than 4 athletes per coach.  All athletes receive individualized programs developed from a comprehensive one-on-one assessment designed to improve the athlete’s specific movement abilities.

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Elite Endurance Development Program

Boddicker Performance has a rich history in supporting elite endurance athletes in pursuit of their dreams.  Founder Carson Boddicker, has established himself as the go-to professional in endurance sports for his success in improving running speed, efficiency, and endurance while significantly reducing injury rates.  Boddicker has extensive experience in bringing endurance athletes back from injury and preventing injuries outright to achieve new levels of performance.

Each athlete is taken through Boddicker Performance’s comprehensive evaluation process involving both static and dynamic activities sensitive to movement impairments that may lead to inefficiency or injury.  Information gleaned from the assessment will then be used to develop an individualized program to address the athlete’s specific limitations.

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Executive Fitness

The same methodologies used to enhance performance in our elite athletes are equally effective in the lives of the everyday person seeking to improve her fitness.  Boddicker Performance’s Executive Fitness Program are designed to improve the quality of life and functional ability in our active adults.  Whether your goal is to climb your next mountain, complete your first marathon, or simply have more energy to play with your children, Boddicker Performance’s methodology is here to support your quest by providing comprehensive movement and fitness training specific to your needs and goals.

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Alternative Services

Distance Training Program Design

Boddicker Performance offers world-class training program design and the coaching to make sure you reach your highest performance potential.  We will begin with a detailed evaluation of health, training, injury, and performance histories, along with an assessment of your goals and a detailed postural and qualitative movement assessment to identify your mobility, stability, and performance capabilities.  From there we will develop a systematic, experience and research backed program that will enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses to take your performance to new levels using a multi-faceted approach to performance including dynamic mobility, power development, conditioning, prehabilitation, strength training, speed, and recovery modalities.

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Product Representation and Support

Today, companies face unprecedented challenges in developing, marketing, and supporting their products.  Boddicker Performance offers a number of customizable solutions to represent any product.  Carson Boddicker is a well-groomed public speaker and communicator with a successful track record in sales and product representation.  Boddicker also brings an extensive knowledge of the human body to the table, making him the perfect representative to any fitness, health, or recovery product via trade-show representation, online promotions, and speaking engagements.

In the interest of maintaining Boddicker Performance’s reputation as a responsible company, BP will not represent just any product.  If you feel that you have an A-List product that can benefit from Boddicker’s dynamic personality and expertise, please Contact Us to discuss your product and ideas for Boddicker Performance’s involvement.


Boddicker Performance has a passion for continuing education and for advancing the performance industry while maintaining scientific integrity.  Boddicker Performance’s unique perspective and skill-set can be transformed into numerous educational products including seminars, writings, and video information products to keep you on the cutting edge of the industry.

Topics can be developed as per individual interest and are taught through a lens of the complex interaction of biomechanics, functional anatomy, program design, and performance enhancement.

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Joint Ventures

As Boddicker Performance is constantly in motion and seeking advancement, BP is receptive to joint venture opportunities.  Please Contact Us with your ideas.