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Exercise of the Week: Supine Knee Hug with Inferior Push | Boddicker Performance

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Exercise of the Week: Supine Knee Hug with Inferior Push

by on Apr 22nd, 2010

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This exercise is one that I utilize frequently in the early stages of working with a lot of distance runners who show restrictions in hip flexion or a number of functional patterns to facilitate proper movement of the femoral head and subsequently improve the function of muscles surrounding the joint.

While this exercise is good, it is nothing without a program that completely addresses issues.  Often it is wise to include some form of mobilization or SMR work of the piriformis, TFL, or illiacus or all three prior to using this to its potential.

Best regards,
Carson Boddicker

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  • Sam April 22, 2010

    when i click the play button it says its a Private Video. . . ?

  • Tarun Suri April 22, 2010

    I’m unsure if I’m doing this correctly. My glutes actually felt a little sore immediately after doing this. What area exactly is supposed to be pushed.

  • Bret Contreras April 22, 2010

    Great song!

  • Carson Boddicker April 23, 2010


    You should be pushing with your lowest hand that should be the same side hand as the hip you are flexing. It’s more of a mobility drill so I don’t know why your glutes may have been sore. If you are pushing your leg into your top hand (extending the hip) then it makes sense, which is a great tool in working with maintaining pelvic posture.

    Best regards,
    Carson Boddicker

  • DaveOSullivan April 27, 2010

    Not sure if you know this but this is a great exercise to ‘reset’ the SIJ joint when the ilium is not moving well on the sacrum. It manipulates the SIJ back into posiiton!

    Great post!

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