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Friday Musings Again | Boddicker Performance

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Friday Musings Again

by on Apr 16th, 2010

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Just a few thoughts to let you chew on over the weekend.

1.  Tonight I’m headed down to Phoenix to attend Perform Better’s one day seminar, learn a thing or two, meet some old friends, and find some new friends.  There is no question that it will be a great day as the presenters are nothing short of excellent (Boyle, Durkin, Cook, Cosgrove) and will be giving presentations that I’ve yet to see.  Better than that, however, is the opportunity to go meet some of the brightest minds in fitness and talk shop.  As I do every time I attend an event, I gain new perspective and leave inspired.  When is the last time you’ve attended a seminar?

2.  As much as I’ve written about the feet and ankles, I figured this would interest (and alarm) you.  Apparently, evidence shows that during tough economic times, women opt for a generally higher heeled shoe.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out.  Some believe it to be a method of escapism, but one thing is for sure, it is not a good choice for one’s movement health.  Like it or not, the anterior weight shift from elevated heel shoes has ramifications far beyond the foot and ankle itself.   What is the man’s escape during tough economic times?

3.  Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a topic that has recently become of interest to the fitness community thanks to the great work of Pavel Kolar, Professor Janda, and Karel Lewit of the Prague School and our friends Dr. Liebenson, Clare Frank, Gray Cook, and Michael Voight in the West (among others).  For those interested in learning more, a great interview has been posted discussing DNS with Dr. Liebenson and Clare Frank on Sports Rehab Expert.  It is an outstanding interview and was just one of the 12 great interviews that have been posted on Sports Rehab Expert this year.  Definitely sign up for the 1 dollar trial and see how you like it.  I promise you’ll find it to be a good decision!

4.  It was recently brought to my attention that my link to Twitter at the bottom of the page was not working.  I have recently had it fixed, so if you are on twitter, scroll down and follow me!

Have an excellent weekend and get ready for another week of excellent content next week!

Best regards,

Carson Boddicker

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