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Friday Musings | Boddicker Performance

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Friday Musings

by on Feb 26th, 2010

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1.  Is it just me or does there seem to be more of a tendency to follow in your parent’s footsteps in the Chiropractic world?  I have spoken to a number of chiropractic professionals recently and the vast majority are proclaimed “second, third, or even fourth generation” chiropractors.  While I am on the subject, chiropractic tends to catch a lot of flack, and for the most part this is with good reason.  That said, there are some good ones out there, and I have a few criteria I look for (though it is definitely not sure-fire).  If you are put on a table, “manipulated” and sent home, that’s a no go.  However, if the practitioner forms some sort of assessment, manipulates, treats soft tissues, and provides some form of self-care you are usually better off.

2.  I have recently seen why most physical therapists believe that the personal training/strength and conditioning practitioner is obsolete if a PT can do the work.  While I think that statement is like saying all chiropractors are bad, it has some validity.  Yesterday, I was training at the gym, and got to see a personal trainer play “Deck O’ Death” which, put simply, is an exercise assigned to each suit, and the number of repetitions per card selected.  In my mind, the exercise choices were not only poorly selected, but they were not coached in the least.  Instead the trainer would flip a card, say “COME ON!” and then walk away.  It is stuff like this that is totally trashing our community.  In my mind, not only does it defy basic tenants of training, but also shows an obscene lack of professionalism.

3.  There is a great e-book available called Running Science with chapters from some of the running world’s smartest scientists and coaches.  You can download it here.

4.  I have recently started a social media site for the sports medicine professional dedicated to multi-disciplinary learning.  If you are an MD, DC, DPT, LMT, CSCS or ATC, definitely head over to SportsMedNet and set up a free profile and start some discussion!  In the long run, I see it as being an effective tool for not only networking, but learning, job seeking, and employers within the industry.  Check it out!

Have an excellent weekend!

-Carson Boddicker

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