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The Learnings of A Nomad | Boddicker Performance

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The Learnings of A Nomad

by on Mar 16th, 2009

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My friends call me “The Nomad” and with good reason.  You see, in my lifetime I’ve been lucky enough to bounce around to homes all over the globe.  I think my current total of “homes” is hovering somewhere around eleven or twelve.  I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible people, see some incredible things, and experience the incredible diversity of the world.  I have also been able to learn a great deal in that time for which I will forever be indebted to my parents and their adventurous spirit.

Also, I have recently given up the idea of yearly birthdays.  People tend to be so selfish on those days.  In reality, I believe the true honor should be given to the mother and father, who brought me here and took care of me.  As such, I plan to use the blog to offer my thanks to my parents by discussing all of the opportunities I’ve had and how it has impacted my life, while simultaneously (hopefully) offering some useful information to you, the reader.  Without further ado.

The Learnings of  The Nomad Part I:  Make it fun.

Moving is a tough thing for a kid to handle.  Sure, there is always some excitement for new friends, seasons, and experiences, however it is hard to overcome the grip of the budding roots.  Luckily, my parents are incredible, fun loving people and they served as a constant reminder then and now, that no matter how hard something is to handle, there is always fun to be had.  My parents made even the most difficult of moves easier by finding things about our new home about which to get excited.  Good food, nice trails, and good ways to spend Friday night; where ever there was fun, my parents could find it.

So how does this lesson apply to performance specialists?  Simply, as professionals sometimes we need to make sure we are seeing the grand scheme of things.  Nothing is more off-putting in a coach that adopts  a smothering, controlling personality as a team or athlete progresses to higher levels.  While such a change is most often well-intentioned, it often fails to produce the intended results and can even interfere with further progression.  Sometimes we forget that athletics are taken seriously yet are still fun.  Don’t be afraid to look for ways to make things fun.  Keep an “All Time” list and let the athletes compete.  Find ways to incorporate relays and medleys during training.  Even letting your athletes train in a different location can reinvigorate a love and a passion for their sport.  Whatever you do, don’t forget about the fun.

Have fun!

Carson Boddicker

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