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Jumping Circuits | Boddicker Performance

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Jumping Circuits

by on Mar 4th, 2009

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Yesterday I mentioned the inclusion of jump circuits on recovery days.  Before someone gets the wrong idea and starts to add in high intensity reactive work, I had better clarify.  The jumping circuits are a series of jumps, hops, and bounds done for relatively high reps with incomplete recovery between sets.  The exercises and total volume should be dictated by relative preparedness of the athlete and time of year.  Initially, the bulk of our work in the off season begins with jumps (double-support) in the sagittal or frontal planes being the main focus.  As the year progresses, more work will be added in single support hops and bounds as well as introducing a transverse plane component.  As the season approaches, volume may be dialed down a bit and held at a maintenance level through the season so the athletes are getting the endocrine benefits and maintenance of the spring without undue fatigue.

Carson Boddicker

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