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Top Athletic Development Books: Vern Gambetta | Boddicker Performance

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Top Athletic Development Books: Vern Gambetta

by on Mar 17th, 2011

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Vern Gambetta is, as far as I am concerned, one of the forefathers of this entire industry and is riding a career approaching 4 decades. I recall at a Perform Better Summit a few years back, Vern mentioned that he had to that date (August 1) read 106 books on the year. His recommendation at the time turned out to be one of my favorites–The Talent Code–that I’ve since read and listened to three times so I was  very excited to hear his top recommendations of all time. Coach Gambetta did not disappoint. Enjoy.

Bosch, Frans., and Klomp, Ronald. Running – Biomechanics and exercise Physiology Applied in Practice. London. Elsevier Churchill Livingstone. 2005

Davids, Keith. Button, Chris. Bennett, Simon. Dynamics of Skill Acquisition – A Constraints-Led Approach. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishing Company. 2008

Olbrecht, Jan. The Science of Winning – Planning, Periodizing and Optimizing Swim Training. Swim Shop, Luton, England. 2000

Drabik, Jo’zef Ph.D., Children & Sports Training, Island Pond, Vermont: Stadion Publishing Company, Inc. 1996

Logan, Gene A. and McKinney, Wayne C. Kinesiology. Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers. 1970

Scholich, Manfred. (1986) Circuit Training. Berlin: Sportverlag

Kreighbaum, Ellen and Barthels, Katharine M. Biomechanics – A Qualitative Approach for Studying Human Movement. Fourth edition. Boston, Allyn and Bacon. 1996.

Lieber, Richard L. (2002) Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function & Plasticity – The Physiological Basis of Rehabilitation. Second Edition. Philadelphia: Lippincot Williams & Wilkins.

McArdle, William D. Katch, Frank I. And Katch, Victor L. (2001) Fifth Edition. Exercise Physiology – Energy, Nutrition and Human Performance. Baltimore, MD: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Todd, Mabel E. The Thinking Body. Princeton Book Company Publishers. Highston, NJ. 1937

Wilt, Fred. (1964) Run Run Run

Harre, Dietrich. Principles of Sports Training – Introduction to the Theory and Methods of Training. Sportverlag. Berlin 1982

Thank you, Vern Gambetta.

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