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Sports Rehab to Sport Performance Teleseminar Series | Boddicker Performance

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Sports Rehab to Sport Performance Teleseminar Series

by on Dec 30th, 2010

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As you all know, I host the Sports Rehab Expert Podcast, which will be coming back in full force in 2011.  To kick off the New Year and to provide you with continuing education fodder, Joe is running his annual Sports Rehab to Sports Performance teleseminar series starting January 11 and progressing over a 10 week period featuring some “big name” therapists and performance coaches. As is the case every year, there is no cost to attend, and probably a cost for failing to attend.  Head over to SRE and sign up.

The list of attendees includes:

Sue Falsone – PT – Sue is Director of PT at Athletes’ Performance and a graduate of Daeman College and has an MS in Sports Medicine from UNC.  She’s a continuing education champion and extremely bright.

Ron Hruska – PT – Ron Hruska is a PT in Nebraska responsible for leading the Postural Restoration Institute, which has gained increasing exposure over 2010.  While you may not agree with all he says, it’s definitely worth hearing and learning how PRI can take you to the next level.

Dr. Mike Leahy – DC –  Doctor Leahy is the proprietor of Active Release Techniques, which probably does not need an introduction.  I’m excited to hear his perspective in soft tissue techniques and why he feels ART is the path of least resistance.

Thomas Myers – LMT – Thomas Myers likely needs little introduction as his work, ‘Anatomy Trains,’ has become a seminal text in the movement community.  Myers is a brilliant manual therapist with extensive knowledge of the body-wide communication system–the fascia.  I believe he’ll probably share some of his “fascial fitness” information that caused a lot of debate this summer.

Brian Grasso – Grasso is the founder of the International Youth Conditioning Association and has spent more time thinking about developing motor skills and performance in kids via the LTAD model.

Greg Roskopf – Roskopf is the owner of Muscle Activation Techniques, which is a system that can be used in rehab or performance that proposes that weakness begets a loss of range of motion/dysfunction and uses isolated techniques to reprogram the nervous system and restore function.

Brian Mulligan – PT – To clinicians Mulligan probably needs no introduction, however, he is the inventor of the Mobilizations with Movement treatment as well as author of a number of books on NAGS/SNAGS/MWMs, which are all forms of joint mobilization that act quite quickly without producing pain.

Dr. Warren Hammer – DC -Doctor Hammer is author of Functional Soft-Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods, which is one of the best manual therapy books out there.  He’s an instructor for Graston, trained in Fascial Manipulation (the Stecco method), and an all around good guy.  This is the one I’m most exited to hear.
Gray Cook – PT – Gray has been hugely influential in my development and his systems and the community who embraces it has offered me a lot in the last 2 years that I’d be way behind without.  His interviews are always entertaining and offer good insight.
There you have it, 10 interviews with 10 smart folks, at no cost to you.  Sign up!
Have a good one.
Carson Boddicker
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