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Business Books for the Fitness Professional | Boddicker Performance

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Business Books for the Fitness Professional

by on Oct 13th, 2010

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The fitness world is an eclectic one with individuals of varying backgrounds and a wide range of skill sets.  In speaking with many people, they often excel in the technical aspects but suffer in the business realm or vice versa.  I would definitely call myself a technician who occasionally dabbles in business.  I seek constant improvement in what I do so at one point I can become a technician of both the technical aspects of training and manual therapy but also business.

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to read/listen to a two business and marketing books by Seth Godin that I have found to be good sources of information.  If you’re looking for business books for the fitness professional, definitely give these ones a look.


Tribes is a book that looks into groups of people with a leader (or series of leaders) who share a common vision or idea.  The book itself is quite good and has a number of great ideas especially for those who run an internet related business or business driver.  Perhaps the thing that resonated best for me was the thought process I had before starting this site.  Often people don’t do what they would like out of fear of failure or the magnification of mistakes.  Godin says don’t wait and pursue your dreams guided by the power of the passion for your vision.  When I started this site, it was simply to iron out my own thoughts and to keep me accountable for learning but, over time, my goal with the BP Tribe (That’s you!) has advanced to providing an environment in which to discuss ideas, improve our best practices, and ultimately support our athletes as best as possible.


The challenge of Godin in his book is for you to become a Linchpin; a person who challenges the status quo using a variety of personality traits.  A Linchpin is someone to which people look for guidance, new information, and for results.  In all business, quality is key.  In the private sector of fitness business, “off days” are unacceptable if you want continuity and referral business.  If your goal is to be the best, your best bet is to become a Linchpin.  Use your passion, drive, and education to carve out your own methodology, to seek the best way, and do so without fear of recourse.  To reach this level of perspective, the true Linchpin seeks to see the world through the lens of many others, to find your way to “the way” using the views and experiences of others.


Carson Boddicker

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