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Patience, my friends. | Boddicker Performance

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Patience, my friends.

by on Sep 6th, 2010

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In my newest pursuit, I’ve spent the past week working with about 40 male and female middle and long distance runners.  My primary responsibility revolves around providing high quality, sensible athletic development programs.  So as not to throw anyone under the figurative bus, in block zero, I’ve chosen to emphasize the acquisition of body-awareness, technical development, and a few requisite skills and postures that will serve as the foundation of our exercise selection for weeks, months, and presumably years to follow.  The intent is nothing more complex than to provide a gradual introduction of stress where one builds on another.  Like simple pedagogy, the intent in the first few classroom visits is to simply acquire an understanding of arithmetic before being thrust into calculus.

If there is on thing I’ve noticed, it is that people do not appreciate the value in this pedagogical approach and that they overestimate their readiness for more advanced training methods.  Commensurate with the Process of Attaining Sports Mastery, early work should be challenging, but have the expressed purpose of preparing the athlete for the next step.  Just like most endurance athletes would not consider beginning frequent, high intensity interval training without first establishing a functional “base” of aerobic fitness, he should by no means consider himself effectively prepared to engage in high level or high intensity exercises without first developing a functional base of movement skills.

Patience, my friends, patience!


Carson Boddicker

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  • Jason Pedersen September 6, 2010

    OK OK, I will work harder on sticking those landings. Thanks for your help Carson!

  • SnippetPhysTher September 8, 2010

    How are you teaching body awareness?


  • Carson Boddicker September 8, 2010


    By body awareness, I’m referring to getting them into positions/postures with which I want them to be easily able to replicate. Hip hinging, long, tight, tall spine, good single leg stance positions, the awareness of where their knee is positioned in squatting/split squatting patterns etc. In essence, we’re just putting them through entry level teaching progressions and letting them know what I’m looking for in each position, etc. The learning curve can be pretty steep here, and the entry level stuff will let us jump into more intensified loading schemes and cycles with less hiccups.

    Carson Boddicker

  • Danielle September 16, 2010

    Thanks for all your help Carson! I feel stronger by the day:)

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