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A Happy Boddicker Performance Athlete | Boddicker Performance

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A Happy Boddicker Performance Athlete

by on Aug 21st, 2010

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People often ask me what my career plans are and if I intend to stick around in the performance fitness and manual therapy despite what may seem to be long, arduous hours in the gym. While it is always tempting to pack it in and pursue more lucrative opportunities, I always remember why I do this. I do this job and love this job because I love helping facilitate the dreams and watching the successes of my athletes.

Getting testimonials like this just remind me exactly why Boddicker Performance has become increasingly successful. It’s simply chasing our mission. At Boddicker Performance, we facilitate maximal athletic achievement through personalized application of leading edge methodologies delivered with an unrelenting dedication to our athletes, and it’s working for many. Here is what one of our clients has to say about the process:

“I started the BP training system in the middle of the spring track season, at which point I had major shin splints, and soon to be diagnosed stress fracture in my shin. These injuries prevented me from training on the track and jumping over hurdles (or competing none the less) for 4 weeks before the league finals and ultimately the State Track Meet. I was able to keep my fitness at the top level as well as increase my abilities with the BP training I was doing, while I was off the track for 4 weeks. Personally, I think the BP training was very effective in its movement driven methods. Psychologically, the variation from the lifting I was doing previously allowed me to stay SANE throughout my training while being in the gym not competing or running for 4 weeks. Physically I was able to develop my strengths and improve my weaknesses on a consistent basis, very noticeably.

The way my training was administered was all through the internet and phone. I met with Carson Boddicker for two days to get the initial evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses, and them he sent me the training through email. The emails were great, they included a spread sheet with the workouts on it, and I also received videos of the workouts in case I forgot any. Carson was also no stranger to checking up and he would reply to any questions I had very promptly, and for the more serious questions he always found time to talk on the phone.

All in all it was a great experience and it allowed me to keep training and get stronger without being on the track once. With all the tools he gave me I was able to take second at the Colorado State Track meet in the 110 hurdles only trailing the leader by 1 or 2 steps.
On a last note, training is two sided, on one lies how good training regiment is, and on the other lies the mental ability to push ones self and carry out that regiment to the best of their ability. Some training I have done really would wear me out and make it hard to want to get back into the gym and train hard. But the BP training system was one of the most personal, and doable training schemes I have ever done, or known about while allowing me to get just as strong and powerful as the others. I loved it!”

Dillon Fancher
Colorado State Championship Runner Up, 110m hurdles
Freshman at CU Boulder

Come join the fun at Boddicker Performance

Carson Boddicker

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  • Patrick Ward August 21, 2010

    Great Job, and congrats to Dillon.


  • Sam Leahey August 21, 2010

    Excellent work, sir.

  • SnippetPhysTher August 22, 2010

    We all need our little drawer of “why I do this” – testimonials are always nice – but so are the simple thank you notes or photos or whatever someone sends you because they appreciate you.

    I hope you cherish those just as much.


  • Carson Boddicker August 29, 2010

    It was all his work and none of mine!

    Snippets, I have a few that really move me that I go back and look at from time to time when I need a spark. One in particular is from not only my client but also each member of his family. It’s a wonderful note.

    Carson Boddicker

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