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Don’t Revolve. Evolve! | Boddicker Performance

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Don’t Revolve. Evolve!

by on Jun 14th, 2010

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A while back my friend and I were having a conversation about some of the things we’ve learned in life, and my friend’s biggest lesson learned is to never be in the same place twice.  I think that’s sound advice, and advice that performance professionals too often fail to follow.  They just revolve again and again, reaching only the same points but never further.

Take the coach who is so “philanthropic” that he fails to bill on time or even at all, costing him money.  Take the coach who has written the exact same programs, year after year, without seeing ideal improvements in his athletes.  Take the coach who screens athletes, but really doesn’t use the data.  These people are going to be the same ones who make excuses for their own and the athletes’ failures without fully acknowledging that it is his short comings that are to blame.

If you are working with an athlete and they are not getting better, you need to reconsider your approach.  Maybe you aren’t doing the right things in training, maybe they are not doing the right things at home, or maybe you simply don’t know enough about with what it is you are dealing.  The way to success in all cases is the same: ask questions and seek answers.  Why is this athlete not getting better?  What can I do to help?  Are the mechanics of the subtalar joint compromised?  Can I provide better home strategies for success?

Frustration is an unacceptable response to YOUR programs not getting results.  Those who you cannot improve and improve relatively quickly should be the ones that you thrive on, they should be the ones that inspire you to stay up into the early hours of the morning scribbling ideas on a white board and reading, they are the athletes who make you the best you can be.

Do not revolve.  Evolve!


Carson Boddicker

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  • Doug Burns June 14, 2010


    This post got me thinking about what your thoughts are with regard to the delicate balance of refining the tools that you currently possess versus acquiring new tools. Evolution is absolutely critical, for sure, but with the constant bombardment of information these days (even if the good is still in the minority, there’s plenty of it when you know where to look), it seems like sometimes we can end up moving on to acquire more before cementing what we already have to one degree or another.

    Of course I freely concede that I may not be as sharp as many folks out there (case in point, I am routinely humbled when reading your blog, as you’re one of those individuals who reminds me that just to be a fraction of what you are I need to greatly step up my efforts), and as such, perhaps I just can’t effectively integrate as many new concepts at one time.

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